How I can help


My core training is Psychodynamic which is based upon the understanding of past experience, the way we feel, understand ourselves now and how we function/behave in the world.  However, I think that the wonderful thing about being human is that we are all unique and therefore I tailor sessions to the individual needs of clients.

I  aim to provide a professional, ethical, confidential, nurturing, supportive, non-judgemental, respectful, safe environment where you can work at your own pace, understand yourself and what is going on for you subsequently enabling you to make changes and understanding varied ways of coping if you choose to.

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The benefit of therapy is that it should help with problems that brought you in the first instance.  Once you have begun to address these problems you may become fascinated by the things you have learned about yourself.  You may want to know about your internal world and our aim in counselling may move from crisis resolution to internal knowledge and change.  Often the process of facing the original probelm can result in uncovering past hurts and current problematic ways of relating to the world.  You can choose to continue counselling and this will enable you to explore these more thoroughly and resolve some of these so that they become less painful.   You will have more of an awareness of yourself and why you feel and behave the way you do.   This can give you greater freedom and choice about how you act.   You may also become  more insightful about the impact you have on others.


Counselling should improve your ability to relate to others therefore increasing your capacity for rewarding and intimate relationship.  Your relationship with yourself can also improve.